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TranScrip congratulates Phico Therapeutics on £1.6m Technology Strategy Board Biomedical Catalyst Award

Reading, UK, 5th September 2014 – TranScrip Partners

Phico Therapeutics, has been awarded a £1.6M Biomedical Catalyst award by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to develop its SASPject™ technology against the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Phico is a biotechnology company developing a novel platform technology for a new generation of antibacterials aimed at overcoming antibacterial resistance and TranScrip is proud to provide support to their activities including assisting with preparation for the TSB award application.

P. aeruginosa has the ability to rapidly develop resistance to multiple classes of antibiotics and new classes of treatment are much needed. It is a serious, usually hospital-acquired infection, and the second leading cause of hospital acquired pneumonias.

The award for the development of the antibacterial SASPject™ PT3 will enable Phico to refine and scale up the manufacturing process and conduct preclinical efficacy and safety studies in order to make the product ready for first in man studies. SASPject™ PT3 will initially be aimed at use in the treatment of serious P. aeruginosa infections where limited treatment options exist.

Dr. Heather Fairhead, Phico Therapeutics’ Founder and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are delighted to have been awarded this biomedical catalyst award, which we think is a powerful endorsement of our SASPject™ technology and the potential it holds for a new generation of antibacterials to overcome the problem of antibiotic resistance. We are pleased also to have had the support of TranScrip in helping achieve our ambitious goals on SASPject™”

Managing Partner of TranScrip, Flic Gabbay said “TranScrip have been a long standing clinical/regulatory partner to Phico and we are delighted to see the latest successful grant award. We are always thrilled when our small biotech companies achieve success in funding and recognition of their innovative activities.”